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The minute Tanasha and Diamond made it publicly known they are dating, their relationship became our business.

Then later they announced they are expecting. We as Kenyans and Tanzanians mind their business more than we do about ourselves.

So many of their fans have been asking them to reveal the face of their son. She has said she is not ready, but I am waiting for the moment when Diamond will slip up and post. We have known him for this kind of behavior.

Tanasha has been flaunting her flat tummy a week after giving birth, leaving women wondering what the secret is. She gave a few tips you can read about below:

Yesterday she decided she is going to give us a sneak peek of her son saying he is healthy even after being in her tummy (42 weeks) past his due date.

There are three facts about her delivery that need to be brought out to light below:

Now meet Diamonds fourth born: