Chipukeezy has learnt that nothing is ever quite as dope as seeing your mother beam with pride over you and your accomplishments. Chipukeezy was recently chilling with his mother after he invited her to Kenya National Theatre to watch a screening of his show.

And the one thing you see is on his mother's face is pride. Chipukeezy is really happy as he stands next to his mother as she sits next to his branded car. It is pure bliss, pure joy.

Check out the photos below:

And Chipukeezy had an awesome caption about his mother to go with the photos:

My mum is my Gurdian angel when I came to Nairobi I promised her that I will make her proud..yesterday she came to Nairobi to see progress and she said toa hizo vitu kwa maskio na unyoe 😂😂lI will make you proud mami 😍😍 she prayed for kartelo jana 😂😂she will be on our show kesho pale from 8:00 pm to 9.00 pm🕘