Anerlisa Muigai praises Ben Pol and disses her exes
Anerlisa Muigai praises Ben Pol and disses her exes
Anerlisa Muigai has just done something women do that I will never understand; she has just dissed her exes. The reason why what Anerlisa Muigai did befuddles me is because of the concept of Briffault's law.

explains Briffault's law thus:

the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such Relationship takes place.

Anyway, Anerlisa Muigai compared her exes to her husband Ben Pol and according to her they all fall short. Yes, brother Don and company were all just the warm-up exercise for Ben Pol and aslong as he is fine with this odd form of praise, then more power to the couple.

To question her choice of past partners is for Anerlisa Muigai to question her better judgement and were I in Ben Pol's shoes I would be alittle worried...

And this isn't the first time Anerlisa Muigai has spoken about having been in toxic relationships or dating people who she can only refer to as "human" either. Check out the link below to see the last time Anerlisa Muigai opened up about her toxic relationships:

Anyway back to what Anerlisa Muigai actually said. And that was the following:

Ben Is the best person ever All the time I wish I had met him long time and I wouldn't have wasted time with the past "humans"