Why is Rayvanny calling Diamond Platnumz' clandestine lover shemeji as if Tanasha Donna does not have an entire country behind her who will not hesitate to set him straight?

You see, there is a lass from Tanzania by the name of Lulu Diva and she has been rumoured to have been Diamond's lover for a time and their relationship was said to have come to an explosive end when she attempted to gain entry to Tanasha Donna and Diamond's baby shower.

Tanzanian tabloid were set ablaze with word of the fact that she was interfering in their biggest star's love life (a heaux should know to play her role). She eventually came out to deny the allegations but they still linger in the air like the smell of a bad fart.

So with all the drama going on, the question had to be asked why Rayvanny is referring to her as his in-law. Does Rayvanny have a brother we are unaware of who is currently dating Lulu Diva? Or could he somehow be related to Jaguar who was also rumoured to have spent some time with her in Dubai?

or is Rayvanny just hitting back in a sneaky underhanded way after rumours rent the air that his wifey is flirting with Diamond?