Dennis Itumbi congratulates the omondis
Dennis Itumbi congratulates the omondis
Dennis Itumbi reacted to the picture that amazed all of us on social media yesterday of Zaheer (Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi's son) graduating onto a higher class.

The two who had an almost absent relationship decided t come together for their son's graduation and this was what to many seemed like a sweet co-parenting arrangement. It should be remembered that Eric Omondi was termed a deadbeat father by Jacque Maribe's family as she fought for her freedom on bail after having been arrested for being a person of interest in the ongoing murder investigation and trial of Monica Kimani.

Eric Omondi was actually the shocker of the day as he has in the past refused to address any questions regarding his son and the current state of his relationship with either the child, Zaheer, or the child's mother, Jacque Maribe.

Enter Dennis Itumbi. The guy has been on the down-low seeing as he is fighting his own battles in court. That aside, Itumbi was always rumoured to be Jacque maribe's lover ever since photos of him passionately kissing her surfaced on the internet.

What Itumbi said in his congratulatory message has made us perk up our ears as he hinted at the two being a couple by referring to them as people usually refer to couples; by the mans surname. Aye, Dennis Itumbi referred to Jacque Maribe, Zaheer and Eric Omondi as THE OMONDIS:

Congratulations - The Omondi's.

Zahari's graduation is a great statement of your solid guidance.

May your bond last for an eternity and more.

To both of you my friends, God's blessings!

Bishop na pia President walisema, "Wanaosema, wacha waseme!

Au sio?

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Is this an oversight or are we just reading far too deeply into what Dennis Itumbi said? We have as yet been unable to reach Eric Omondi for a comment on the same but as soon as we can we will let you know what is going on here.