J Blessing has finally responded to the lady accusing him of being a deadbeat dad. Actually, J Blessing has had a rough time with fans going as far as to nickname him Father Abraham, a play on the fact that he is rumoured to have multiple children by multiple different women.

He was most recently accused of being a deadbeat father by singer Laika. So bad is J Blessing's rep at the moment that the videographer and popular music video director was even outed by his former mentee, gospel singer Bahati who said the only man he is afraid of leaving his wife Diana Marua is J Blessing because…

This new singer called Laika said the following about J Blessing:

I was in a relationship with J Blessing but he left me. I was hurt, so I took a break

He has responded by posting a pastor preaching and what that pastor says is,

Ukiona watu wanakusengenya, weka sherehe.  Na uwaambie, siku nyingine mkikaa kikao kunisema, pitieni soda. Ili mnapokaa muwe mnanisema huku mnakunywa. Kwa sababu, duniani kuna agenda nyingi. Kwa nini watu na akili zao wakae kukuweka wewe uwe agenda? Ujue wewe ni mtu wa maana.