Diana Marua and Weezdom
Diana Marua and Weezdom
Diana Marua is the business manager over at EMB and this role has seen her have issues with some of the artistes they signed and some of these issues resulted in Bahati's volatile fallout with Mr Seed and Weezdom who is Bahati's younger brother.

At the time, when speaking about the matter, Weezdom revealed the following about Diana Marua's insane influence over Bahati:

I respect Bahati a lot because he is the one who brought up my music career. I consider him my brother but there were some changes which started emerging and the changes involved someone called Diana Marua. She [Marua] made sure I exited the record. She made Bahati change on me professionally and as a brother and since I was just starting as an artist, I decided to send myself out there so God can open my paths as well.

And in response to this, Diana Marua tried to defend herself by making herself the victim of Weezdom's overactive imagination:

I barely knew you [Weezdom], our only encounters were just but hellos…you turned against me even without knowing who I was, not that it even mattered to me, anyway. But our paths crossed again and now you are blood.

But as they say, hindsight is 20/20 and looking back, the two have seen where Weezdom went wrong and they have both decided to forgive Weezdom of his transgression and they are now set on moving forward.

Diana Marua even went as far as to make a declaration of support for Weezdom where what she said was,

I´m proud of who you are becoming. May God use you as his own mouthpiece to speak life. Let´s build this empire and see each other win. Weezdom the only way right now is upward and forward.