Eric Omondi and Jacque maribe
Eric Omondi and Jacque maribe
Jacque Maribe has become rather vocal of late given that for a long couple of months she had gone off social media. Now it would seem she is binging to catch up on what she missed. She has been posting voraciously to her Instagram, sharing all her opinions and thoughts on everything.

This time, it was to congratulate her former beau, the father of her son, Eric Omondi. She took to her IG as stated earlier to share a celebratory message at his win and this was an innocuous message that read:

The king himself  comedy is you. You done did it!

And it accompanied the photo below:

And Kenyans went wild in the comment sections. Trust Kenyans to want to weigh in on everything like it is any of their business. below are some of the statements made about her post:

Reasoning like a dad of two kids of different mothers.if the parents are mature enough a point of parenting its should always b like maribe n omondi. They know wat their kid deserves no matter their differences. So kongole maribe na omondi.for being responsible parents

Who is your friend? then who is f***k mate? then who is husband 😎?... Unatusumbua akili

Shida ni mwalimu aki now Eric ni King.

Strong woman. Hang in there. We love you.

Lazima child support 😄thou ni itumbi ama ni Eric

 you have confused me 😎

Unazunguka kwa wanaume kushinda trolley ya supermarket

Stop confusing us😢😍