Rotimi 1
Rotimi 1
Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux were such a cute couple. In fact, Tanzanian's referred to them as the 255 power couple.

Mimi Mars in an interview blurted out the news that the had broken up again. In her defense, she was trying to clarify that she was not behind their breakup.

She said,

No, the two break up all the time. Why would I get in between the two? How can I be the cause? I have no say in their relationship. It doesn’t concern me at all. Those allegations are a hundred percent false

That was the beginning of all the evident breakup. Vanessa unfollowed Jux and then he started flaunting a hot babe from Thailand called Nayika on his gram calling her his love.

Well, Vanessa has been working hard during the breakup period. She even made it as one of East Africa Got Talent judge and now that it is over, she needed a break.

As she was busy on vacation, she went with the new man in her life, Rotimi. You probably know him as Dre from Power. Such an upgrade.

I mean this man is just all sorts of hot. He is a 10. From his body to his lips. Just wow.

So if you look at both their Instagram videos, you can tell the location is the same. They are both in Miami, Florida enjoying some hookah and at night they had a bathtub moment. It was all set up for a romantic night.

Evidence the two are dating: