Kenyans out here are suffering when it comes to employment. They are frustrated.

On Kamene and Kibe's discussion on The Morning Kiss, so many Kenyans called in crying out that they are being exploited at their workplace.

Ths discussion came after BrighterMonday released some shocking statistics on employers, employment and workspaces. Read the statistics below:

Kamene Goro is sympathizing with Kenyans who earn peanuts and work so hard because they sound very frustrated.

waking up to the same dead-end job and an evil boss who rides on your blood sweat and tears. is it the job or the people? If 50 out of the 100 are unhappy is it the people or is it the company?

Andrew Kibe this time is on the side of what callers are calling the oppressors and not the oppressed. He believes employees are just ungrateful.

these are just the ungrateful fortunate people. are you getting money at the end of the day? you're part of the workforce. And if you're tired just leave. it comes down to "are you being paid or not?" Let us just stop crying

One lady caller was so bitter on her way to work because she knows she's going to a place she is unappreciated.

I earn ksh20,000 and I have a car that I can not sustain with my salary. It has forced me to get a sponsor who will buy me groceries and a few other things for the house as I use the little I earn for me. I work so hard and earn so little with no appreciation.

Another caller, a guy this time is also a frustrated employee. He did not even want to mention his name but his story is sad.

I earn ksh20,000 and there are days if I do not hit the target then I will make ksh13,000. I have to take care of my parents and myself and it is not easy.

So many people are frustrated and most of them are the youths. All they want is value for their service and a conducive work environment.

Kamene sympathizes with them but Kibe thinks we are a nation that complains a lot.