Is Betty or isn't Betty Kyallo pregnant with baby number 2? The internets seem to be convinced that betty Kyallo has been holding out on us with information especially after she teased her new partner. Betty Kyallo who isn't exactly a petite lass recently stepped out wearing a purple dress and the internet are going mad with Kenyans online demanding to know, much like nosey in-laws whether Betty Kyallo is pregnant.

Betty was busy doing her thing, setting up and interviewing people and Kenyans spotted abit of a bump on her and rather than assume she might just be adding on some weight, Kenyans have decided that betty Kyallo is pregnant.

It really would make sense if she were with child given she is now with a new man and the ghosts of her failed marriage have been exorcised. And trust that I am joining Kenyans in demanding an answer as to whether or not she is pregnant.

Check out the pictures of Betty Kyallo below and let us know what you think on whether or not she is pregnant.

This is the profile view of her belly but when you look below, you can see abit of a bulge in Betty Kyallo's recent photos. This is actually what has gotten Kenyans yammering the most.