Kate Actress and SON
Kate Actress and SON
Kate Actress is a happy mother. She has seen her son grow up to this point where he is now a candidate sitting for KCPE.

She can not believe the time has gone that fast. It has been a tough time parenting at an early age and now she gets to see her son at this stage in life. She couldn't be any happier.

Kate sent out an emotional message to her son on this day when he gets to rehearse for his primary school end exams under the 8-4-4 system.

 I am so emotional right now my little Egg how did you get here? Thank you, Lord, 🙏🏿❤️Wishing all the Best to all KCPE candidates this year! God will reward your hard work

The actress also included a message for other candidates parent saying,

 parents to the candidates I know our stomachs are running today but please remember your child’s well being and sanity is more important than their grades. That been said, let us be their peace and encourage them

From Kiss 100 we want to wish all the candidates all the best and assure them hard work eventually pays.