Guys like to mock him, guys like to play him but Stive Simple Boy no be your mate. He recently featured in a song by Jegede in which he was featured as one of the "All Stars" and the jam would have been a dud were it not for Stivo Simple Boy.

The instrumentals were not the problem but the other guys seemed dead. Though the video has a nice surprise with Jegede showing off his dancing skills. Other than that nice tidbit, Stivo Simple Boy was the only highlight.

The track features Nameless, Big Pin, Jerry Ogalo, Daddy Andre and Stivo Simple Boy was produced by Jegede and though I can say a whole lot about Stiv Simple Boy what I will shorten it to is that his delivery, cadence and simple delivery put the industry veterans to shame. I am looking forward to seeing Stivo Simple Boy work with proper producers who can help him learn how to actually make a song because like it or not, homie has talent and he has only just arrived!