If there is one man having a rough day today, it is Terence Creative better knows as Kamani to his fans.

In case you have just woken up, then let me keep you up to date with a few links on the drama behind Terence's marriage with Milly Chebby and Anita, the woman in the middle of it all.

From the stories it is clear that manz has been caught pants down but to make it worse, Anita is afraid for her life after receiving constant threats from Milly. Though Terence claims it has been the other way round, Anita has been bothering his family.
Now that the story is out, Kamami has really tried to show his wife support. He has taken to social media to with a post assuring Milly he will love her no matter what. In this case the drama.

He created a video of all the good times they have had and cute pictures of the family and captioned,

To love and to cherish for better for worse. Nakupenda @millychebby


So much drama to wake up to right?