Diamond Platnumz has just hosted a presser in which he addressed Tanzanian artistes and indeed the media across east Africa about his feeling towards Diamond Platnumz and the good folk at  grabbed a video of the incident.

During the Diamond Platnumz/ WCB press conference, Diamond Platnumz was asked about what he thinks about Harmonize especially following the acrimonious split between Harmonize and his former recording label.

You see, when harmonize announced to the record execs that he wanted out of the label, he was not met with cheers but rather with jeers. And though they were erstwhile friends, harmonize has himself admitted that even the other WCB artistes have taken to shunning him.

But what does Diamond Platnumz think about Harmonize? That is precisely what we are about to find out.

Turns out Diamond Platnumz holds no illwill towards Harmonize and even wants him to not only attend but perform at the Wasafi Festival to be held in Dar es Salaam.