Huddah doesn't want you to call her a millionaire
Huddah doesn't want you to call her a millionaire
Huddah no be millionaire sef! Abi she be multi-millionaire. And when you address her, use the appropriate term. But even that title is not enough. Anyway, Huddah started off making her money as a video vixen cum trollop. Then she decided that Kenyan artistes do not actually pay well for you to feature on their music video and most of them are lecherous dingbats.

So she focussed on being a trollop.

She then landed some big ballers and from there she very astutely realized this job is not one that will last so she started a cosmetic company called Huddah Cosmetics.

And boy, her business is doing really well.

And like with every businessman, Huddah is not shy about letting you know she is successful and has a bank account that cannot stop belching. And as such, she doesn't want you to refer to her as a millionaire when she is so much more... Multiple times over being a mere millionaire.

I dont know why i get offended when people introduce me as a millionaire! Lol! I always feel like I've been downgraded, insulted & disrespected coz Deep in my heart I am Unquantifiable.