Smoking weed is illegal, and talking about it is considered a taboo topic in Kenya. A conversation that many people fear to have. But not Kamene and Kibe on the Morning Kiss where it is all facts.

They duo picked audio from Mcdonald Mariga's rally speech yesterday where he said once he is in government he will work hard to make weed legal.

Shada ni medicine. Muniweke bunge tupush maneneo ya shada. Hatutaki kupigwa tukivuta shada. Sindio?

Kibe was surprised that this was confidently said in front of the DP, William Ruto. Though the fact remains that everyone is smoking weed but hiding it.

When Sonko admitted it was crazy. we all go on social media and demonize shada but when you are alone you smoke it. Mariga will also say he doesn't take it but he will say it is medicine.

Kamene said that there are so many countries benefiting from weed being legalized. They both agree that weed should be legalized.

Andrew Kibe jokingly commented that Sonko was smoking weed in the toilet instead of doing it openly, yet he is a governor and no one will ask him. He even said if he was in such a position, he will be smoking it on roof of his car.

make me an MCA I'll burn it on the roof of the cars

The reality is that there are so many people who smoke weed, but hide it for fear of the law. If legalized many sick people stand to benefit from its use.

One caller cracked the duo. He said making it legal will reduce the fun in it.

According to my view, it should not be legalized. There is nothing as sweet as doing things illegally so when we legalize we will not enjoy it. Like cigarets, it is not fun smoking it.