Andrew Kibe is one man who has the balls to do and say anything. For him the street sayng kesi baadaye is a mantra he lives by. I want guts like that.

He had a QnA section on Ronoh's Youtube channel and the 15 questions he had to answer he gave a lot of detailed information. Including celebrity females, he would want to sleep with.

Kibe started off by saying that his number one choice is Pierra Makenna.

I will start with Pierra, Natalie Tewa and number three Maureen Waititu. Halla at me. I might not have muscles but I have the muscle that matters

Kibe also revealed that he is a married man on paper despite what people think.

on paper, I am married. I have a proper wife. I have not been in a relationship for four years

Ronoh also asked him which politician woman he would prefer to be with and he went with the money.

I would definitley pick Waiguru, Passaris is a broke woman!

The YouTuber asked Kiss FM's presenter which celebrity he finds weird and she gave her example as Willy Paul because he is a man who has been doing the most of late. Kibe then exposed Frasha as the most disgusting celebrity saying,

Willy Paul is a walk in the park. I was with Frasha some time back. He looked like he was rained on then he went away for like 10 minutes and he came back shouting and very excited so I do not know what he went to do but all I know he is the most disgusting man

A case of if you know, you know.

The last thing that caught me of the guard was he said if he was not Andrew Kibe the celebrity would want to be DJ Mo. Why? Well,

I would be DJ mo first I'll bomoa Size 8 and second I'll bomoa chics from church with no worry.

As I always say, Kibe is one crazy man who should have a reality show by now.