Octopizzo is a father to two beautiful girls and he loves them very much. No, really, this isn't a song fam, he loves his girls. Ever since he came onto the scene, we saw him rock up with Tracy. She was his first daughter who was the result of a short-lived tryst and the mother of the girl left her at his doorstep in Kibera.

This is actually not as shocking as it would appear as in certain ethnic cultures, the children belong to the father so when the parents have an issue and split up, the children are left with the father. This is the case within Octopizzo's own Luo community but also among the Luhya and Kalenjin communities.

There was abit of an issue surrounding Octopizzo and the mother of his second daughter but he is at the end of the day a family man.

And he recently shared a photo of himself with his children and my goodness they look like a happy family. In the photo Octopizzo is with his daughters Zara and Tracy and these girls are grown:

Check them out below: