Last week, Ethic Entertainment was in trouble with Kenyans and of course Ezekiel Mutua after they released their song, 'Tarimbo'.

The hook of the song has some very harsh words where Rekles says,

mimi hupenda chapa na Tarimbo mimi huchapa na nakanyaga na namwaga bila hata permission (i nut without permission)

Kenyans were up in arms saying this is a song that encourages rape.

Now for those who do not know, Tarimbo is a Swahili word to describe a really large farming tool that is used to dig big holes. If you know you know.

We have no problem with the word tarimbo, but the word that they will sleep with a woman even without permission is what got people upset. Ezekiel made it clear the reason Ethic can make such music is because we have allowed them to. Read his plea below:

Despite the song scooping over half a million views, there has been a war against this song and the group at large. This forced Ethic to apologize. They took to Twitter to say,

Clearly from the big English words used in this release, they have a good PR team. One who wakes up early -it was posted at 6 am- and one who paid attention in all English classes.

Ethic is now under the management of AI Records that is a baby company to Universal Music Group. They have certain standards to maintain and this was a PR crisis for them. Hopefully, this will be the end of such vulgar and violent music from Ethic.