Bridget Achieng is one of the most talked-about cast members of the reality show Nairobi Diaries. She is controversial and she embraces this trait of herself. She doesn't play when it comes to putting in some work either as Pendo can attest.

She had in the past admitted to selling pudesh in different tiers to men but now it would seem she wants to sanitize her image alittle.

She was speaking in a video on her Youtube account about the assumptions people have of her and what she said nothing if not... Controversial. Bridget Achieng sought to explain her previous comments about selling pudesh like Huddah.

Bridget Achieng this time clarified that because of how well she has taken care of her vagina, she isn't willing to take it to a poor man. It's fancy after being washed by special soaps.

I kid you not. Her actual words were,

Many are the times men have judged and misjudged me because I like my men with alittle money. Is it am mistake? Is it my fault that I get men who have money? people just try to mistake it. Weh kama unapenda kudinywa kirai manze I am sorry. My P-sleeve is washed with very expensive soap, it's cleaned well, it's a clean p-sleeve, it's an expensive p-sleeve. So wenye wanataka kupatiana kirai, wenye wanataka kupatiana hivo, you go and give yours for free.