Diamond Platnumz has just released a banger of a track that he worked on with both S2Kizzy & Lizer Classic who have crafted a really dope dance song for the WCB head.

The way Diamond Platnumz delivers his lyrics is heavily influenced by Lingala and he is basically rapping which goes to show Diamond's versatility. But what is most interesting is a couple of lines of lyrics in which Diamond Platnumz seems to be taking shots at an unmentioned nemesis.

Thing is, with the way he has set up the lyrics, it could either be Zari or Ali Kiba as the lyrics apply to both as it says,

Hajib selema, Adija Selema (Selema)

Mondi nyangema, Shimo ametema (ametema)

Amefosi bifu mseleleko (Eeeh! Tumemkwepa)

Amebaki masononeko (Eeeh! Wanamcheka)

Kwanza kunja goti (Lee kunja goti)

Kisha vua shati (Eeeh vua shati)

Cheza kama monkey (Aiii!)

Vunja ukidanki danki Eeeh!

Tumewachapa (Kidude)

Hakichomoki (Kidude)

Kimewanasa (Kidude)

Wanatapatapa (Kidude)

Who do you think this verse is aimed at? Let us know in the comment section. But for now, check out the banger below: