Octopizzo 1
Octopizzo 1
Octopizzo has been a bit silent when it comes to music.

He dropped Kanye that got him massive views. Guys had missed his music. A few months later, he decided to work on a collaboration with the one the only, Sailors.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss100, we asked him when is this Khali- Octo beef going to die. And he laughed saying the two have no beef at all. It is all just clout.

He said his beef with Khaligraph Jones is only on social media.

Me and him are cool. Everyone is hustling and you can't believe anything on social media, we are just having fun.

Rapper Octopizzo has released a song with Sailors after two years of not doing collabos. It's called 'Wakiritho'.

"Sailors are representing something different. These groups have their own vibe, and as much as they are doing gengetone sound, their voices are like sound, they don't look like they are rapping. They are doing traditional music in the new generation.

 When we are doing the collabo, I wanted it to have a cultural perspective. I wanted us to take our culture and urbanize it." Octopizzo said

In the song, The Oliel artiste and the Wainame hitmakers are pleading for the legalization of "the herb" (marijuana).

"Yes, I have said this for a long time, there is a reason why many countries are doing it. It will open job opportunities and is of medicinal value. It's also used for depression." Octopizzo says

Sailors and Octo have been accused of sampling a song that is not theirs. "If you listen to the song, we have said,

'Mi producer acha niwasample'. Itabidi tu uzoee'."

Now that politics has opened up doors for celebrities, Octopizzo mentioned that come 2022, he will definitely run for office. Since he is from Kibera, we can already start making our guesses right?

Enjoy Wakiritho below: