This week we all thought Kylie Jenner and Drake are the newest and cutest couple 2019.

The rumours were so loud with evidence saying they spend to much time together with others saying they have been looking a lit bit too cosy.

They were all just rumours until TMZ confirmed form their source, a close friend to both Kylie and Drake says they are just really close friends.

Kylie and Travis may have broken up but the two are still spending time together and they say it is because they want to be present in their child's life.

In as much as Drake and Kanye have had a long overdue beef, Kylie has kept a good friendship with the God's Plan singer.

The one gesture that gave us a bit of assurance that the two are dating was when she appeared for Drake's 33rd birthday. That is when those in attendance say them getting a bit too cozy and quickly jumped into conclusions now that she is single and Drake is in Califonia.

According to a comment from one of Travis' friends, Cosmopolitan reported that he has no problem with the two friends. So mature right? But he seems to have a memo that we all did not have, the two are just friends.