Timy Tdat and Rosa Ree created a fire and then he left it for Rosa Ree to clean up his mess in Tanzania and clean it she has. Rosa ree has had to shovel a hot messy, stinking pile of humble pie onto her plate and kowtow to Basata.

It is reported that Tanzanians found the video very distasteful and demanded an apology -according to Basata...

And what was Rosa Ree's award-winning Teflon defence? Well, she claimed that she had not heard about the law ergo ignorance.

Alikiri kwamba ni kosa amefanya, lakini alisema kwamba hakujua kwamba ni kosa ama alipaswa kutuma video kwanza.

And she was asked by Basata to make a public apology perhaps because a fetish such as humiliation exists. anyway, she did so and below is her apology:

My name is Rose Ree, I am a Tanzanian musician, I would like to say sorry to everyone who was offended by the video that has been doing rounds on social media. Today, I had a meeting with Tanzania Films Board and they have enlightened me on a number of things that I did not know. I have learnt about their regulations. From today onwards I will be forwarding my scripts to them and we will work together in harmony.