Huddah Monroe, one of the only Kenyan socialites to ever make it from being a trollop to being an international trollop to being a businesswoman. Huddah, Vera and Corazon are the only ones that come to mind. Risper Faith, however, managed to satisfy her hypergamy with a man from a wealthy family in Brian.

But for the rest of the trollops, they had to start business ventures for themselves. And Huddah's is by far the most successful of the three. Vera has Veetox or whatever the tummy reducing tea crap os called aswell as a hair and beauty boutique while Corazon Kwamboka has her athleisure wear.

But Huddah's lipstick line is by far the best option for a successful business. And given the fact that she's had the acumen to set up and run a business, you can tell she isn't dumb. But that doesn't seem to be enough for the haters so she is going to pursue a university degree.

I can’t wait for my degree so y’all stop saying I’m dumb, I’m smarter than 99% of people who have that paper and a graduation photo

But even without that degree certificate, Huddah went on to say this:

I decided that piece of paper won’t weigh me down. People like to point fingers she is not a graduate as smart as one can be lol So let’s goo bitches, I’ll beat you at your own game. They’ll be nothing to talk about