As from yesterday, JKUAT has been trending after a video went viral of policemen brutally beating a student from the university.

Twitter's top trends today are, #StopPoliceBrutality and #JKUATLivesMatter this is what generated conversation for the morning Kiss conversation with Kamene and Kibe.

The video doing rounds hurts Kamene because she thinks of her small sister who is in university every time she plays it. The young man is brutally stepped on and hit with rungus. You can read and watch all about it below:

Kamene and Kibe took it upon themselves to try and create awareness against police brutality. The discussion went on and they called the JKUAT Juja student president Clinton Osoro to ask him what let to all the drama that happened yesterday.
"We've had meetings with the senate and even Juja sub-county security committee. We always come out of meetings and tell our students we've had meetings hoping for change but nothing is happening.

We've raised concerned against security in Juja. students are made to think it is going to be okay yet they are still being stabbed. So they decided to go to the streets" Clinton said.

Kamene and Kibe asked him to clarify on the insecurity around the Juja. As opposed to what is said on social media, most of the cases are outside school.

A lot of the insecurity is outside the university. The school is too small to accommodate us all so some of us live outside school. There are places that are hot spots for crime. People mascarade to be businessmen and nduthi guys yet they are thugs who even rape out girl.

Clinton continued,

What happened yesterday was, after the meeting with Juja sub-county security committee at 4 pm there are some ladies who were robbed. The men had stones and panga's, the students decided to have a peaceful demo until the police came and started firing live bullets and tear gas

He also wanted to clarify that he has not forsaken his students as opposed to what is on social media.

Social media users are saying I am in hiding. There is no need for me and my fellow student leaders to hide. I am in a safe place just like everyone else. We are consulting a few people and we will not go to class until we see security men and floodlights especially in gate B and C. We are not here to just cause fracas we followed the right procedure and nothing seems to be happening. That is why we took to the streets for a peaceful demonstration 

JKUAT student president said that he has received so many cases of his fellow comrades who are suffering serious injuries

Other than the video, as we speak there is someone form KNH who has texted me saying they have had so many JKUAT students who have been injured with one having spinal cord injury and another one has no speech they are set to do a CT scan.

He also revealed that at some point, the police were working with the goons masquerading to be Juja community throwing stones at students.

I need to say, we have had the CS say that the policemen that were beating the students are going to be acted upon. We are waiting for that to see the issue of police brutality end

Kamene and Kibe got the phone number for one of the policemen who was identified as one of those brutally beating the student in the tending video. The policeman denied he was working yesterday. He said he would like to see the video of his face. This was after he said he was there at Juja after they were called to 'maintain order'.

The students are still waiting for justice to be served but until then, the student president says they will not attend classes.