zari resurrects king bae
zari resurrects king bae
Afew days ago, Zari announced that King Bae had died.

And it raised quite a few eyebrows when it became clear that she had stopped wearing King Bae's wedding ring because it would seem she as a widow had moved on way too fast. And we were quick to spot the fact:

So what now? What do we do with regards to ZAri's King Bae conundrum because it would seem that her man is a certified Lazarus? Aye, King Bae has miraculously resurrected and he is looking rather happy... Well, his arm is.

She is back to posting useless photos of men we do not know in the hopes that they will not be identified because she is just posting random body parts and true to form, she has posted a useless picture of "King Bae's" arm.

And I kid you not, she has decided that people asking after King Bae's death are now infringing on her right to privacy so to show us that he is alive and well, Zari has posted an arm and nothing else and she then captioned it to read:

For everyone asking about him, the less he is in public the less the pressure. Am at peace!!!