Bien Aime has been dating Chiki Kuruka for a while now and things have gotten so serious, she literally hangs out with his family.

I guess we can say their relationship is now a family affair. Anyway, the two who have been together for quite a while have diverse interests and differing tastes but at the end of the day, this makes them a strong couple.

Bien, for instance, is into music; making and producing it while Chiki is into dancing. But ine thing they both love, it would have to be fitness and working out.

And so they work out together when they can and they recently got an opportunity to do so. What was impressive was the fact that Chiki Kuruka is not a joke when it comes to fitness. She does not "train like a girl". She is one of those rarities at the gym who are actually there to work out and not to take Instagram photos -gym thots we call them.

In a video she shared of the two working out she thanked Bien for not going easy on her and respecting that she was there to work out and this is what she said,

B, Thank you for not expecting me to train like a 'girl', and being proud of my fight. your support makes me push harder. 

I ALWAYS have fun boxing in . 

Song-  niombee

Bien, on the other hand, gushed about the fact that she pushes him to be better:

Niombee nisibreak up na huyu dame. Nampenda sana. She just motivates me to be better. ❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤ on the jam. NIOMBEE OUT NOW!!!!!