Kenyan celebrities get excited once they hot the millionth mark on social media but Larry Madowo is one of the few who don't think it is a big deal.

He is thankful to his fans but he wants people to stop idolizing likes. Larry says plain and simple, it is dangerous.

Thanks a million! I can’t wait for Instagram to hide likes, starting in the US this week. I have a million followers & thousands of likes but using either for validation is unhealthy & dangerous. It creates an impossible standard for most people. I hope they’re removed permanently for everyone around the world

Instagram has become more than just a social media platform for many people, now people use it as a means to make money.

We have so many Kenyan celebrities who have bought cars and even moved to the leafy suburbs because of the number of followers on social media. Some even endorse brands they do not use all for the money.

This has become a big problem around the world and that is what Instagram wants to curb because it gives people unnecessary pressure.

Larry Madowo is now officially an advocate against unhealthy social media pressure and can not wait for the likes to be removed all around the world.