Pierra Makena is one of Kenya's top DJs and whether or not you think she is talented, you cannot begrudge her the fact that she has put in the time and paid the cost to be the boss. But of late that isn't why she pops up on our radar. Ever since Pierra Makena decided to get into the chapter of her life called motherhood, she has been in the headlines for that reason in one-way shape or form.

Pierra Makena is either in the headline because of rumours DJ Mo is the father of her daughter, Ricco because they apparently look alike and she bears an uncanny resemblance to DJ Mo's own daughter Ladashabelle:

And then there was the fact that people were and still are always speculating about the identity of her baby daddy:

But one thing is certain, she had a past before she had a daughter and she is at peace with her past. She recently shared a photo of a man and it fuelled all sorts of rumours but what we know is this, the guy we are about to introduce is her ex with whom she is on good terms and when she got the opportunity for a photo op, she took it. Check him out below:

And the comments about the man were rather interesting as you can see below:

Huyu ndio aliruka kipetero kiyesu?


My all time crush😖😖😥

What about his other girl Monica?When will they be back on our screens?

Our own Idris 🙌