Diamond Platnumz has it all figured out; not in terms of all the women he keeps impregnating but in the terms of the celebrity/ pop culture lifestyle.

To be fair we cannot really blame him for his randy nature because he is a high-value male and women are constantly throwing themselves at him and this is a reality Tanasha Donna has to make peace with.

But this is about how well Diamond Platnumz understands the psychology of his fans. Unlike Kenyan celebrities who are constantly whining about being celebrities and whining about being shamed for their body -rather being shamed for being fat.

He has a gruelling touring schedule but he still finds time to ensure his body is on point because he understands what grabs his female audience's attention.

And the best way to do so is to excite their visceral sexual tingles. And he does exactly that but now that he is bulking, he deserves a new title, Dzaddy.

But before we proceed, no homo. I am just appreciating a juicy, muscular man.

So without further ado, ladies and women, I present to you, Dzaddy Diamond: