Nicah the queen is back to thirst trapping like it is going out of style. The singer who is more famous for being Dr Ofweneke's ex-wifey is on the gram showing off what her mama gave her as she shows off in skimpy swimwear.

Now, we could all hypothesize why this is... Mine would be because she has realized she is not getting any younger and she is trying to attract male attention and perhaps end up fishing someone from her DMs but you know, what do I know?

Anyway, Niccah the queen is leaving little to the imagination and I can imagine a whole host of individuals who will be happy about this turn of events even as members of the gospel fraternity gnash their teeth at her.

But one thing is clear, she has doubled down on her decision and thir is no turning back now that we have this series of photos that she posted:

Kwa kweli Drinkcember imeanza mapema!