international men's day
international men's day
Today is international men's day and while most of the world is content to let it pass by, we here at Kiss 100 want to discuss not just men but fathers and celebrate just how hard they work to provide for their families and children.

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones is one of the men who grabs the opportunity to stay at home with his daughter no matter how precious few those opportunities may be. He just came home from a vacation with the mother of his daughter Georgina Muteti and I for one am convinced he wouldnae have thought of taking time off were it not for his wee one.

DJ Creme

Say what you will about the spinmaster but he is a good father, involved in his children's lives and he celebrates that fact every day that he can.

Ted Josiah

Ted Josiah's story reads like a how-to book for father across the world. His wife and the mother of his child died when the child was still at infancy and since then, he has been a fully hands-on single father.

Nick Mutuma

Nick Mutuma hasn't really been involved in any issues since the arrival of his bundle of joy and that says he has fully focused on his child and family. that is a good man and a good father.

Dj Mo

What hasn't DJ Mo experienced with Size 8? He has been with her every step of the way even when she went through a tough pregnancy last year that saw her lose one of the children the couple was expecting. Fortunately, this time round, Size 8 saw her pregnancy to term and even though she is currently in hospital, DJ Mo is by her side.


Father of the year and all-round good guy? Nameless has even taken to (together with his wife Wahu) mentoring young talents in what is a brutal landscape for creatives.

And why should we mark days like today; International Men's day? Because men are dealing with alot of issues. We are dealing with being 3 times more likely than women to die from suicide (men do not do it as a cry for help but a final solution).