Jowie and Jalas
Jowie and Jalas
Now that Jacque Maribe is back on social media, she has been very vocal especially when it comes to shutting down followers who throw shade her way.

A few days ago, recently engaged MC, Jalang'o posted a TBT picture together with Jowie and social media influencer, Dan Paps.

The caption on the picture was a message of encouragement to Jowie telling him to keep holding on.

One of Jalango's followers commented saying,

Jowie🙏🏾❤️ we praying for you .you deserve justice

That comment led to so many other different people with different opinions. One guy felt he need to highlight what is on so many people's minds. He said,

not that he deserves justice... He deserved a bail and he's innocent till proven guilty, Monica deserves justice too but it was unfair kupea Maribe bail waache huyu

In as much as he did not tag Jacque Maribe, the comment made it to her. Angered by the comment, she was quick to shut him down.

As mentioned earlier, what the comment says above is exactly what is on so many people's minds. In fact a while back, Jowie was trending after Cohen's alleged killer, his wife, Srah Wairimu was given bail. Kenyan law says one is innocent until proven guilty and Kenyans think Jowie deserves bail.

Jacque was not pleased with her name being used in vain.

"please don't mention my name on things you know nothing about. Thanks." Jacque Maribe angrily responds

In case you forgot, Jacque and Jowie were both key suspects in the slain murder of businesswoman, Monica Kimani that happened a year ago. The case is still on going.