Jahmby Koikai recuperating process is evident from the pictures she has been posting on social media.

If you have been seeing her out and about there is something she never lacks is te mask she puts on.

Her immune system is still not stable but she has made good progress though that will not stop her from enjoying the good things in life.

The mask has helped Jahmby safe from her lungs collapsing something she does not want to remember.

I wear this mask proudly. Someone really close to me advised me to.. My lungs are not at the optimum level yet but I've made great progress. I don't experience lung collapses anymore and that is something I really thank God for. That was pure hell on earth. 

Endometriosis is a problem that needs to be addressed and since Jahmby knows how it feels to be a victim, she wants to be there for any lady going through the same. With that, she will be hosting 20 victims with endometriosis.

I also bear my scars proudly. I do receive hundreds of messages from women every day in regards to Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, fibroids and other menstrual-related conditions/ illnesses.

I've also been thinking about women with disabilities who are also battling Endometriosis and I cannot even begin to imagine what they're dealing with.

Let's keep talking about this until our voices are heard.

I'll be hosting 20 endowarriors for lunch in December and I'm looking forward to that. Just good food, live music and stories. We need some good vibes.

Kiss 100 family is happy her recovery process is positive,