Over the past couple of weeks, Silverstone has been having a lot of faults and even worse press with their air services. Last week, they announced the suspension of their scheduled services as of 12 November.

When all this was happening, Akothee was not there to address the safety issues and this got her in trouble with her followers. When things got thick, she then released a PSA on her social media page assuring people Silverstone is an airline to trust.

Read the statement below:

Now that the airline has suspended its services, Akothee wants her followers to know they will soon be back they just need to reorganize their house.

"We shall be back like we never left , give us time to reorganize our house ,in every test ,there is a testimony, when I listen to the stories of the billionaires, at one point, they had to stop, and start afresh , all the challenges are meant to be a learning lessons, not a punishment, embrace change ,accept the present ,focus on the future SilverstoneAir is bae. We shall be back 💪sorry for any inconvenience caused once again 💪💪💪💪@silverstoneairservices#thebluewing I miss you 💪💪💪❤❤❤❤" AKothee's statement read.

At least she is assuring her fans that they are working towards bringing their customers the best in terms of services. Sometimes all we need is some assurance.

KCAA says that it has confirmed that the airline has provided satisfactory corrective measures as per the requirements of the Civil Aviation Regulations.