Khaligraph is a very talented rapper. I do not think anyone would debate that fact. However, what many are unaware of is the fact that Khaligraph Jones is straight-edged. Most people see the boogeyman of Kenyan hip-hop and think he is some type of party hypebeast.

That is why when he took to his social media to rap about a friend of his whom he grew up with who was actually a brilliant fella but he was unfortunately brought down by drugs. He is essentially rubber-stamping Stivo Simple Boy's message that drugs are a menace "Wasee, tuache mihadharati" and Khaligraph Jones has done a fine job of it .

His friend was called Bonny and he was a rather bright kid and as happens with bright kids, teachers loved him. The thing was however, he was also the student's darling as he was a simple lad who minded his own, not really rubbing anyone the wrong way.

When KSCE came around he passed with flying colours and went on to university where he let his life go off the rails and from there he became a thug. The best thing about this rap is the instrumentals. I believe they are the instrumentals of R Kelly's "If a woman's fed up" and Khaligraph Jones completely murdered them Check out his freestyle below: