Tory Lanez is currently marketing his new mixtape Chixtape 5 and he is on a media run. He recently stopped by Joe Budden's show Pull Up and they discussed alot of topics above and beyond the music. What was interesting is just how open the two of them are and how openly they spoke about their lives.

They discussed beef they each had with Drake and how Tory Lanez managed to chop it up. And then they went into a topic we would all be interested in; gold diggers.

Tory Lanez talked about how women approach him and how they try to finesse handbags and other gifts from him. In today's world, hypergamy has become unchecked and the fact that the sexual market has been deregulated so youngins move differently when it becomes about relationships.

Tory Lanez spoke about women he gets with asking him for material possessions or for him to start buying him stuff like designer handbags. And his approach is something I would encourage men to take notice of and start practising.

According to Tory Lanez, when a woman asks him to buy him a handbag, he asks her why she cannot afford it for herself. Because he has no interest in dating women not in his tax bracket. And that is just the best. Check out what he said below: