Khaligraph Jones has been on a mean streak of late, he has been using his past experiences to inspire his freestyles and they have been deep raps indeed. To say Khaligraph Jones is an able rapper is not to do him any justice so when I say he rapped about a heartrending story, you know the emotions were communicated.

He recently told the story of a former schoolmate of his and his fall from the grace of being a smart kid too being a crook and a junkie. This time, however, his tale is about a lass he dated in the past who was the love of his life at the time as she took care of him when he had nothing to offer, working as a bouncer and bartender.

The lass however, soon begun t treat him like trash and she called off the relationship. 3 years after she did, she reached out to him and asked him to meet up so they can reconnect only for her to stand him up and he went on pissed. That was the fateful day he met his mentor and when he sought to find out why she had stood him up, Khaligraph Jones found out that she had committed suicide after discovering her HIV positive status.

Check out the freestyle below: