Size 8 had a very good reason for keeping quiet about her pregnancy for as long as she did. It was a complicated one. And by her own admission, both she and the child almost didn't make it.

But no amount of speaking can convey emotion quite like a video and that is precisely what she has shared. In the video, you can see Size 8 sitting in silent vigil over her child who is hooked up to machines and you can just see how intensely wrapped up she is in prayer.

ll we can do is send our prayers up to Size 8 and also some positive vibes because these are dark times for her and her family that can test the faith of anyone. But shaken, not bowed is going to be her testimony and as commented on the matter, this child will be a special one.

Check out the video below:

God is God alone He never changes even in our darkness moments He is unchangeable!!!! He does the greatest miracle in our darkest moments!!!!! My darkest moment I was unwell myself in the NICU unit at  my baby born earlier than expected weeks before the due date and so rushed into the machines!!!! A moment even darker when there was a slight emergency that my baby needed some oxygen intake urgently but through it all GOD DID IT!!!!!!! In a little know hospital in ruai that is  God did it!!!!! GOD ALONE!!!!! We are alive by His grace alone!!! A MIRACLE CHILD I NOW CARRY IN MY ARMS!!!! Thank you so much to Dr. Opondo the pediatrician who was around at odd hours as late as 2am and your team nurse Lucy and ICU nurse Thomas!!!! ...... Glory to God.