Eric Omondi is in the habit of wearing actual official uniform rather than costumes for his skits. I personally have no problem whatsoever with the fact as the comedian knows his craft more than I do.

However, this time around the uniform he chose to use attracted the wrong kind of attention -from the scouts themselves. And they have demanded, in as cordial a language as a demand can be made in, that he cease using their uniform for his shenanigans:


Our attention has been drawn to the photo above of renowned Kenyan comedians in Scout Uniform. While the Association encourages and promotes arts and creativity, the use of sacred Scout gear such as badges and Uniform is highly protected and must not be used inappropriately. The Laws of Kenya, under the Kenya Scouts Act CAP 219 protects the Scout uniform and cautions against its misuse; it reads in part: It shall not be lawful for ony person, not being under the rules of the Association duly authorized and entitled so to do, publicly to wear, carry or bear any uniform, badge, token or emblem After a thorough scan of the photo, It is in our view that the actions in the photo, portrays a high misuse of the Scout Uniform and potentially taints our image, reputation and brand as Kenya's leading disciplined youth movement, for the reasons outlined below: i) The pictured artists are not registered as members of the Kenya Scouts Association, that in itself is a violation of the law as stipulated above since non-members are not allowed to wear Scout uniform ii) The Scout uniform is a ceremonial gear for official functions and is not to be used in undue physical activities such as mud-run, swimming, assault causes etcetera as portrayed in the photo iii)Scouting is a disciplined movement for young people, Scouts are not armed, and as messengers of peace, Scouts are known to resolve conflict through amicable and weapon-free interventions; the photo in question, though aught look as fun since the artists os renowned comedians, portrays the Scouts as armed organized militia to mil-lions of citizens who know not much about the comedians nor about Scouting iv)Smartness, good order and discipline are some of the tenets of the Scout programme. The Scout uniform, if a Scout has to wear it. is to be worn in full including with a relevant scarf. Wearing the Scout Uniform without a Scarf is itself an act of indiscipline and the action in the photo carries the potential to promote this indiscipline. In view of the above, we call upon the pictured artists (Erk Omondl, Mammito and one more), who are great Young leaders and role models in our country. and also in the interest of their brothers, sisters and fans, to apologize (On-line) and pull down the images and related footage, and not to reuse therm thereafter (Effective 22nd November 2019). The Association remains open to collaborate with them, and others, so as to effectively leverage on their pas-sion, talent and great following to promote Scouting and good values In our communities.

Scout Uniform The Scout Uniform, like any other uniform of a disciplined organization, including Police, National Youth Service and the Military, is highly protected by the laws of Kenya and its misuse may attract high and heavy punitive measures-Legit Scout Uniform Is only available in our official Scout Shops in Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, Embu, Nyeri and Kakame-ga and we continue to ask the members of the public to support us in its protection. Report any illegal sale as well as misuse to the nearest Scout Commissioner, Police Officer or call 020 2020819