Akothee has been spending the last two nights on a hospital bed.

If you follow madam president on social media then you have seen how much this babe works really hard just to make sure she has food on her table and even more to help someone in any way possible.

A few days ago, she was in Dubai for a killer performance and when she came back she was busy feeding those in need. No rest whatsoever. This means that she is fatigued.

It is not the first time Akothee has suffered from fatigue. From Wednesday, she has been in hospital under keen observation and bed rest as recommended by the doctor.

Whoever is managing her social media page -because it can not be her- posted a picture of the mother of five in a hospital bed in her page  and captioned,

This life, you can only occupy one bed at a time, Bloggers don't scare my family and fans, I am not dead! my system just shut down, I will be back 🙏🏾🙏🏾

At least we have been assured she will be back soon.

One of her daughters, Vasha who was with her in the hospital holding her hand to comfort her. Nelly Oaks who serves as her love interest and manager spend the night with her in the ward and she says she wouldn't have been alive if it was not for him.

Nelly Oaks my ride or die manager God bless you. I respect you. If you were not there yesterday we would be typing RIP Akothee.

She has been working with a few people to help serve food to those in Turkana because the level of draught there is crazy. So many big companies have partnered with her and the progress is good so far. That is why she is not resting.

Her daughter Rue Baby sent out a sweet message of encouragement saying,

My love may God be with you ..you will be on your feet soon ❤️❤️❤️

Get well soon madam president.