Vanessa Mdee is finally back home in Tanzania and she has attracted alot of attention from Tanzanian blogs and tabloids but it was Millard Ayo who landed the exclusive interview in which she opened up and spoke about her life since Juma Jux and her new fledgeling relationship with Rotimi.

She spoke about the effects Rotimi has had on her since they met, crediting him with turning her life around,

...amenibadilisha completely, nimeanza kuishi nilivyostahili

Her biggest gripe with her relationship with Juma Jux was also addressed with her saying it was the fact that everything was fake.

Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake!

She also addressed how she is able to make a long-distance, continental relationship work, she explained that she is only in Tanzania 10 days in the month and the other days she spends abroad. No prizes on guessing with whom.

Check out her full interview in the video below: