It is confirmed that Vanessa Mdee is head over heels in love with Rotimi.

Their relationship was unveiled after they each posted pictures on vacation.  The photos appeared to have been taken in the same vacation spot and we put one and one together and later on, we confirmed they are dating.

She has an interview with where she spoke to Millard Ayo about how they met.

We met at the Essence Festival in July in the US. Our friends introduced us to each other and we instantly clicked. We then met at the Spotify after party and it was strange because I had not watched power in a while though I know his work perfectly.

It is crazy because we were introduced to one another and he stood in front of me and I was there wondering why is he here?

Vanessa Mdee mentioned that since hooking up with the Rotimi has opened up her eyes to so much. She wishes she met him a while back.

Rotimi has more knowledge than I do. He is a guy who advises me. Advice that I have not been given by anyone. Sitting with him can make you think "what have I been doing with my life?". It is like I was doing nothing with my life. 

So we started talking and we talked for a long time and exchanged numbers. And it was like fresh air. He was to go sit with his fellow actors from Power but he came to sit next to me.

Vannessa added,

He is someone who when I talk to  have peace and happiness. With butterflies in my stomach. He is so real. It was something very special from the beginning

I must say they are so cute together and in all honesty, that is an upgrade from Juma Jux.