Catherine Kamau better known to her fans as Kate Actress is passionate about raising awareness on teenage pregnancy.

Kate says girls need to be told it is not okay to be pregnant at an early age because taking care of the baby can be a stress factor. She experienced depression as a teenage mother and she wouldn't want anyone to go through the same.

"We have been joking about ‘Things kwa ground ni different’ but it’s really true. I talked about teenage pregnancy here few weeks ago, we see campaigns running all the time, truth is hazifiki kwa ground or rather they don’t really get to the right demographic or take time to do research , I was shocked to learn that most of these young girls don’t have much information, we assume they get it from their teachers at school, their peers , or the media . I had some amazing women share their young motherhood struggles with them and I could see their willingness to capture every little piece of advice." Kate Actress cries

She urged parents to be open about such conversations with their teen daughters, arguing that babies are not accessories.

"Parents we need to have open conversations with our girls at home, they asked some really hard questions. Am still in awe! Are we talking more and doing less? Which other areas do you know that are worst hit by the TEENAGE PREGNANCY MENACE ?? KINDLY SHARE . We shall have this day’s coverage on my YouTube channel, subscribe link is on my bio ☝🏾




#BabyIsNotanAccessory" Read Kate's post

Kate Actress is not saying children are bad, she is just putting it out there that in as much as they are a blessing one can wait for the right time. There is no pressure.

The trauma can affect someone to a point they fear getting pregnant again especially if they lack any form of support. This is all based on her experience while pregnant with her first child.

13 years later she is expecting baby number two and this time she is comfortable because she's ready and has all the support from her husband Phillip Karanja.