Vanessa Mdee
Vanessa Mdee
Rotimi has for the first time talked about his relationship with Vanessa Mdee.

All along we have just been seeing her talk about him and even post him on social media. We had started thinking it was a stunt because he had not confirmed it.

Now we have confirmation that they are dating.

From both their stories they met during the Essence Festival 2019. This was in July and we found this out in November. Talk about lowkey.

Its public knowledge who I am seeing. She is a beautiful singer. Yes, she is dop! She is from Tanzania.

The Beat 99.9Fm host mentioned that no wonder he is in Tanzania often.

 Is it Vanessa Mdee? I thought that was a rumor.

Rotimi went ahead to talk about the love at first sight story on meeting Vanessa Mdee.

It has been a couple of months it's vibes. We met at the Essence Fest. Ever since then we just vibed.

He mentioned that he stepped up to her because that is what a real man does.

Of course, I stepped up brother. No question about it. She is really so I couldn't say anything like game-wise. It was really just conversation and it kept going and going. It was just a vibe as soon as we met each other. She is talented. We have talked about it but it is just more about the person and staff.

The presenters asked him to mention his favorite song as he was talking about his music career and Vanessa Mdee is in for a good s*x life.

my song kitchen table is one of my favorites because I have drawn inspiration from my experience

From the lyrics, he seems quite experienced when it comes to some pekejeng on the kitchen table.

He opened up about his personal life. When he was young before all the success, his father taught him how to live a life of value. He taught Rotimi how to save.

The first thing I purchased is a house. My father taught me to be disciplined about my money he taught me how to save.

Just like the glow Vanessa had on her face talking about him, Rotimi was no different. The two are in love no doubt and we wish them nothing but the best because as I always say, love is a beautiful thing.