Naseeb Junior is the name Diamond and Tanasha settled for after their son was born on the same day as his father.

Time really is flying. He celebrated 40 days a few days ago. A significant day for Muslims. The ceremony referred to as Aqiqah is when they slaughter an animal to celebrate the birth of their child. They slaughter one (for girl) or two (for boy). Aqiqah animals and meat are distributed to the poor and orphans.

The family slaughtered the animal on the exact day Naseeb turned 40 and today they are planning a big party for the boy and from the words of his grandmother, it had to be a weekday.

"we picked on a weekday because that is when Diamond is available. During the weekdays, he is always busy on a tour to different countries so Tuesday worked best for him" Mama Dangote said

Naseeb Junior's family is full-on when it comes to the day's preparation. It's going to be a very big party if the preparation is anything to go by.

Here are a few videos of the family preparing or Naseeb's 40th:

Kiss100 will keep you updated on how the party transpires in the course of the day.