Naseeb Junior marked 40 days since being born, and his parents held a lit party, it actually looked like the whole of Tanzania was there. You could have mistaken the 26th of November for a public holiday.

The family went all out to plan for the bash, and it's evident they splashed big bucks for the event.

Diamond is a proud father of his fourth born and you could tell from the wide smile on his face.

In videos, we see Tanasha sweating due to the vigorous dancing and huge crowd surrounding her. We also get to see a softer side of Diamond as he wipes the sweat off of Tanasha's face. So cute right?

One other thing that was very evident during the whole party was how uncomfortable Tanasha was. She appeared stressed on seeing some liquid being poured on her sons face and  the strong scent of the essence makes it worse. Guests also threw money on the boy's face.

As a mother, she was distressed and probably wanted to take her baby away from all this activity.

Nasseb Junior brought the family together. It is rare to see Diamond's father and mother on good terms. Mama Dangote's bae was also very cordial with Diamond's father, another rare thing to see.

The whole family danced together and laughed. During Naseeb's 40th, there were no enemies.

Watch how that moment went down courtesy of Wasafi Tv below: