Kambua received the biggest blessing in her life this year, her baby boy.

It was public knowledge that she had been struggling to get a baby and when the miracle happened, she kept it under wraps for a while before announcing to the world and that is understandable.

She had been through a lot of emotional trauma she just wanted to savour the moment.

Kambua took to social media a list of the things she misses when she was pregnant.

"1. I miss being able to eat food without people judging my portions 😂

2. I miss being offered a seat wherever I went or ushered to the front of the line

3. I miss my husband rubbing my feet

4. I miss not having to suck in my tummy when taking pictures 😅

5. I really miss my baby's kicks 🥰" Kambua listed

In as much as there were great moments during her pregnancy, she also had the bad days she does not want to remember.

Days that were full of morning sickness and worry.

1. I DON'T miss being hungry all the time

2. I don't miss being very sleepy all day

3. I don't miss having to sleep with so many pillows! 

4. I don't miss turning around like a truck in my sleep

5. I don't miss all day sickness in my first tri. 

6. I don't miss the anxiety of constantly wondering if baby is ok

Kambua shared her list so that she can interact with her fellow first-time mothers. A project she is so passionate about because she wants to help those who suffered through the same thing she went through.

She openly says she would not want anyone to go through it alone.

2019 has seen many mothers experience the miracle of God's when it comes to children.

Other than Kambua, Size 8 is also another female celebrity who went through a lot during her pregnancy but she is grateful to God for the blessing in her arms.